Zine Complete! Dec 2020

We made a total of $3548 in profit!
With agreement from our contributors, we split our charity contributons to send 70% to our chosen charity You Can Play Project, and 30% to the International Rescue Committee.
Thank you very much for your support!

To take a look at some of the fics and art in the zine, take a look here!

About + Schedule + FAQ

Nice Receive! is an 18+ Charity fanzine focused on Sawamura Daichi, the captain of the Karasuno Boys VBC from the series Haikyuu!!
The Charity we are supporting is the You Can Play Project.

The zine features Daichi in multiple pairings, and the theme is focused on volleyball and activities associated with it. Our content ranges from locker room shenanigans to empty-court shenanigans. All characters are aged 18+ and all activities are consensual.

Leftover sales from Nov 1 - Nov 21, 2020

Schedule for mobile

1. What type of zine is Nice Receive?
Nice Receive! is a NSFW zine featuring Daichi Sawamura in multiple pairings. All characters will be portrayed as 18+ and there will be no non-con. It will be available as a physical book as well as digital PDF. All profits made will be donated to the You Can Play Project. Participants will be compensated with a full bundle.

2. What is the theme of the zine?
The theme of the zine is focused on Volleyball and fun sexytimes (so gym/locker room/bleacher encounters, and on-court rivalry translating to off-court passion.

3. What ships are in the zine?

4. Where is this Shipping from?
This zine is being shipped from New York, USA.

5. Why do i have to pay taxes? Why is it $X.YZ?
The sales tax for US buyers is automatically added by Bigcartel, and differs based on the buyer's state of residence. That's completely out of our hands and there's not much we can do about it, unfortunately.

6. Will there be leftover sales?
We cannot say until we have shipped all the zines, so follow us on our social media because we will post sale updates there.
(27 Oct 2020 YES WE WILL HAVE LEFTOVER SALES . Starts Nov 1 and closes Nov 21 or till stocks last!)



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Oct 1 - Oct 15 - interest check + writing mod app
Oct 18 - Writing mod selected and emailed
Oct 20 - Nov 15 - Writers application period
Nov 20 - Writers selected and emailed
Nov 1 - Nov 30 - Artists application period
Dec 2 - Artists selected and emailed.
Dec 10 - Creation period start
Jan 15 - 1st check in
Feb 15 - 2nd check in
Mar 15 - Final submissions
May 20 - Jun 20 - Zine Preorders close
Jun 20 - Ko-fi closed
Aug-Sep - Shipping
Nov 1 - Nov 21 - Leftover sales

Donation Postcard

We will give away special 4”x6” postcards of a modified version of our cover(pictured) to anyone that makes a donation of $10 or more to any Black Lives Matter organizations or COVID support organizations. The postcards will be paid for by the mods, and will not impact the zine’s funds.

The postcard drive was closed on June 30. Participants donated $795 to a mix of organizations like NAACP, Black visions collective, and Doctors without Borders.

Ko-fi exclusive sticker

Donations of 2 ko-fis (USD 6) and above can choose to receive this 2.5" tall, waterproof, Ko-fi Exclusive sticker illustrated by Tsuumei.
Stickers will be shipped after zine preorders end.
If you buy a physical zine during our preorder period, we will include the sticker in your zine package instead of mailing separately.
If you are not buying any physical products, please note that your sticker will be mailed via First class mail (in a small envelope) with no tracking.
Our Ko-fi drive closed on June 20.